Bulgarian Accordion Tutorial - Summary of Basic Technique

"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times." - Bruce Lee

The techniques described in the previous lessons constitute the basics of Bulgarian accordion. Well executed, they are sufficient to play, for example, about 95% of Boris Karlov's recorded repetoire (I'll clarify that statement in a bit). Good execution in a matter of practice - lots of practice. Lots. To facilitate such practice, I present below a summary of the "basic" technique.

Basic Bulgarian Accordion Technique

Performing Boris Karlov's Repetoire

Boris Karlov's recorded repetoire has some characteristics that make it playable with only the basic technique above. Understanding what they are will help you understand when a tune you want to play requires additional techniques. Those characteristics are:

NOTE: I'm not saying that the real live Boris Karlov only used the basic techniques above. I have no firm information how he played, only suppositions based on my studies of technical mechanics and of his recordings. I've heard some general sayings and speculations about his technique from various 3rd or 4th hand sources, which I considering interesting but undefinitive.

Furthermore, I'm not saying that your performance of Boris Karlov tunes can't be improved by incorporating some of the techniques that come. In fact, there are some spots where I think finger glides, 121 pralls and mordents (all covered later) are well advised. However, you don't need to use these techniques to play Boris Karlov tunes perfectly well.

What I am saying is that, in line with the Bruce Lee quote at the top of the page, your playing will be better if learn a few techniques well rather than many techniques poorly. You should feel no necessity to proceed to more advanced techniques before you have a good grasp on the basics.

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