Erik's Music Database - How to Contribute

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This section lists ways you can contribute to this site, should you feel so inclined. I can offer no financial benefit to those who do, only my thanks.

Additional Scores: I'm interested in adding more music transcriptions to this site. Possible sources include scans of high-quality, public-domain, out-of-print books of ethnic origin or special contributions by highly competent musicians. Significant legal and technical questions must be addressed before anything happens here, but if you've got access to such data and are willing to convert it to electronic form, I'd be interested in hearing from you.

Discographic Data: Any individuals with strong computer technical skills and access to significant amounts of digital discographic data (minimum 100 albums) not currently on this site should contact me and we can work out the details. (For example, I have very limited data for Greek music). I do not currently have a mechanism where non-technical individuals can contribute information to the database for individual albums they possess, but hope to do that at some point in the future.

Images: I am currently working to provide low-resolution scans of some album covers (high-resolution scans may pose legal issues). If that happens, I'll provide a mechanism for site visitors to contribute additional scans.

Electronic Scores Markup: Any individuals with strong musical and computer technical skills interested in converting the scores on this site to electronic markup for higher quality rendering, please contact me, and we can work out the details.

Additional Links: I'm willing to post links to well-done sites that offer significant public-domain information for ethnic musicians, for example: discographies, audio samples, transcriptions, images, theoretical or contextual information. I'm not willing to post band or organization publicity sites, news groups, blogs, or commercial sites not offering significant public-domain information. If you've got an appropriate link, let me know.

Audio Files: I do not serve audio files directly from this site, with the possible exception of a few clips of my own playing intended for instructional purposes. However, I'd be interested in linking to other sites that serve audio files that could be systematically integrated with EMDB search mechanisms. If you run such a site and have interest, please contact me.

Legal: If you're a lawyer and are interested in providing occasional pro-bono advice regarding the legal issues relating to this site (e.g. album cover scans and resolution), please contact me and we can trade lawyer and accordion jokes.

Great Tunes: If you've got recordings of great tunes you're willing to share (tape, CD, mp3), you'd make me very happy. Great tunes my life. I'd especially love to get more old-style Bulgarian gaida and/or gadulka, Cretan lyra or violin with laouto, Pontic lyra with drum-kit, Irini Konitopoulou, asymmettric Romanian tunes and Cajun or Cumbia accordion, but actually I like all sorts of stuff. A list of my current holdings (complete as far as Bulgarian, but incomplete for everything else) is here. Your tune offering would contribute to this site only in that it will stimulate my will to live (and maintain it).

Erik Butterworth