Erik's Music Database - Limitations

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EMDB is a work in progress, subject to the limits of my spare time and interest.

Score Limitations: Most transcriptions were made solely for personal edification, rather than for publication, and use some non-standard conventions. Later transcriptions (those in higher numbered books) tend to be better and more readable. Transcriptions are often transposed from the original keys for a variety of reasons. The cross-indexing and search mechanisms are are still evolving. Many East european song and instrumental titles are garbled or inconsistently transliterated. Score attributions for lead instrument, performer and recording are highly incomplete. The "folk-dancer" and "work tape" indexes are idiosyncratic and probably not useful to anyone except me.

Discography Limitations: Album tagging by nationality/style, instrument and rhythm is accomplished via a mixture of manual entry (largely incomplete) and key-word searching (currently primitive and unreliable). Alphabetization of performer names needs more work. Album producer attribution is highly incomplete. Further work remains in pruning album duplicates between the various contributors' collections.